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Vue.JS Development

A Versatile, performance-obsessed Javascript framework which aids futuristic real-time front-end applications that attracts your users.

Magneto IT Solutions being a VueJS Development Company is committed to delivering you a prime user interface that reaches your end users and serves your business to move ahead on the path of success.

What is Vue.JS

VueJS is a progressive framework, which paved popularity like no other Javascript Framework. It is widely used and perfect for developing ​adaptive User Interfaces and single-page applications​. It includes features such as ​Versatility and ​high performance with ​devoted core libraries​ and ​the ecosystem​.

VueJS has its own powerful tools combined with ​scalability needed for large, robust application where customization is a major concern of development.

Are you having an idea for making online presence along with great return policy? At that time, you must rely on Vue’s adaptive environment along with its modern features to take hold of our ​VueJS Development Services.

We as ​VueJS Development Company believe in providing adroit and highly customized web design solutions that surge your business ahead of competitive challenges.

Why Vue.JS


Vue is designed from scratch to be versatile. It can be integrated with numerous libraries or even with existing projects.

Interactive Web Interfaces

The core library of VueJS mainly focuses on the view layer which helps focus more on building interactive web interfaces.

Server-Side Rendering

VueJS works on Virtual DOM enabling server-side rendering, helping in better SEO and support to a large amount of user traffic.

High Performance in Actions

VueJS’s virtual DOM also enables high performance in actions like create, select and delete on rows.


VueJS is also compatible basic widgets, modification to legacy Rail apps, and single-page applications.

Made with the Good

VueJS was released after other frameworks, so it adopted features that were appealing and dropped features that weren’t.

Have something in mind?

Our skillful and professional ​Vue.JS development services ​walk an extra mile to fully understand your business needs and help you convert your Ideas into reality.

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Behind the Abstraction - How Vue.JS works


View is a Graphical User Interface created using markup language to represent data. View binds to properties of a ViewModel through data-bind concept, which indirectly connects to the model data. This simply means that the data model reflects all the changes made in User Interface and vice versa. You can also create self-updating User Interfaces using this framework.


It is nothing more than a JavaScript object. It represents data with the help of necessary functions and properties it contains. VueJS uses HTML’s data-bind concept to combine both View and ViewModel. It helps change HTML without disturbing ViewModel. The framework uses Observables to control automatic data refresh between ViewModel and HTML.


It is simply data available on server related to the application domain. VueJS helps you manipulate this data by sending and receiving requests from ViewModel. Model is domain data or business object, which holds real-time data.

Above Graph shows how rapidly VueJS gained popularity over time and has more stars than it’s featural parent, ReactJS which was released long before VueJS.

Got an idea on a Vue.JS Project?

With the great ability of Integration and Migration, our ​Vue.JS development company ​try and deliver exactly what you’ve asked for.

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How VueJS works like charm with Laravel

With the release of Laravel 5.3, support for VueJS was provided out of the box. This new Laravel content editing system is basically a block-based system. Moreover, this version comes with a host of improvements and builds on the successes of the previous versions.

Using VueJS with Laravel triggers seamless UI changes which in turn gives users an amazing experience, VueJS is compatible with state managers like Flux, Redux, and Vuex which are excellent in managing data flow in complex applications, and when composed with VueJS components, each component’s dependencies are automatically tracked during the rendering.

So let’s discuss how our skilled and seasoned professionals help you with all your Business needs…. Experience our VueJS Development Services today…

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VueJS Web Application Development

Our experts in VueJS Development Services create feature-rich web applications for small-scale to large-scale industries to help you achieve the dream of powerful online presence.

Single Page Application Development

Set of comprehensive expertise permits our company to develop a wide range of proven solution, with settlement of flaws from ReactJS and AngularJS for front-end development with VueJS.

VueJS Real-Time Application Development

Utilize our professionals’ VueJS Development proficiency to build performance-oriented real-time applications to deliver a great experience for your users.

Custom VueJS Development

Sophisticated team and designers depends on latest, built-in functionalities of VueJS Development for deploying robust, unique designs by integrating contemporary services.

VueJS Portal Development

Our team of expert professionals in VueJS Development Services utilizes its feature-rich ecosystem to create efficient dynamic Portals with reusable components as per your requirements to outgrow your competitors.

VueJS Maintenance & Support

We provide easy 24/7 support and maintenance services, online ticket resolving, and post-development support comes up with affordable maintenance packages that make our customer base happy.

VueJS Interactive UI/UX Development

VueJS having excellent functionalities enables our VueJS services to create Interactive UI/UX with complete scalability which your users will love and builds loyalty to your product.

VueJS Enterprise Solution

VueJS used to provide built-in support for enterprise evolution process with the usage of rich set of features, tools, and integrations that makes development process smooth and hassle-free.

VueJS eCommerce Solution

Vue’s vital features play important role in development of robust Ecommerce store that can upscale your business profile and fascinate business demand as per priority.

VueJS Data Analysis Tools

Our skillful experts in VueJS Development Services create ideal data analysis tools to help your organization have a firm grip in managing huge amount of structured and unstructured data with ease.

VueJS Component Development

Our team take advantage of VueJS Development Services and build UI Components which are completely reusable and fully functional for your different products.

VueJS Data Migration Services

We provide potential support to our customer-base to migrate their website or data to VueJS with Zero (0) downtime effort, less connectivity issue, and no damage of data.

Success Stories of few Major Industries with Vue.JS

Nintendo, one of the major players in Gaming Industry used VueJS to its full potential making some Big Bucks.

NASA ​has successfully utilized the rich and unique features of VueJS which helped their users with a great user experience.

Experience our Out-of-the-Box Vue.JS
Development Services

Having a proficient and devoted fleet of ​Vue.JS Services ​we help you boost your online presence in no time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

VueJS is mainly used to create SPAs (Single Page Applications) with lots of UI interactivity. It helps in creating interactive UIs with animations and transitions pleasing to the eyes.

It’s Empowered by HTML, Detailed documentation, Adaptability, Awesome integration, Large scaling, Tiny size makes VueJS used by many companies worldwide.

We have 70+ in house team with all level of expertise in various profiles like Software Architect, Business Analysts, UI/UX, Project Managers and QA Managers holding an average experience of 3.5+ years.

In Agile Scrum process, we conduct different Scrum Ceremonies such as Daily Scrum Meetings, Sprint planning meetings, Sprint review meetings, and Sprint retrospective meetings to name a few. This helps in getting a better picture of the project and trends.

In Kanban process, we visualise and identify the processes and make improvements to the existing processes in a sprint. This leads to new insights and opportunities for improvement.

We use industry-standard project management tool: QuickScrum, where you can monitor the daily progress. You can create the task, assign the work and monitor the development progress and this is how you can have full transparency and control over your project development progress.

Dedicated Hiring:-

• For dedicated hiring, we follow the monthly payment cycle, where you are given the first 50 – 100 hours to test our services. You are required to pay 50% of one-month payment upfront and for the remaining amount, you are required to pay the remaining amount at the end of the month on a specified date according to the pre-agreed contract with you.

Hourly Basis:-

• In the hourly basis, you are required to pay one week of advance payment upfront and for the remaining amount, it can then be paid on the weekly payment cycle according to the pre-agreed contract with you.

Time and Material Basis:-

• For the time and Material basis, you will be required to pay 20 to 30% of the project as upfront and the remaining amount will be based on the milestones decided, so upon completion of the milestone, you will be releasing next % of payment as per the pre-agreed contract.

There are many advantages of hiring a dedicated development team and here are some major advantages:

• Total control over the development process.

• Hiring a dedicated team guarantees Quality Assurance and Risk Minimization.

• We will provide you with a Scrum Master (Project Manager) to manage your project and team, without any additional charges.

• A shared QA will be provided to assure quality without any cost.

• And at last, but not least is the fact that company work as a part of your team.

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